Hot for Truther: Inside the Website Where Conspiracy Theorists Find Love

A conspiracy theorist sits in his apartment, scrolling through online message boards. He’s lonely. He’s on a different wavelength, and his trail-blazing thoughts on Nazi history, extraterrestrial lifeforms, and “money” elude the women on normal dating services. Tune in, buddy. You can unravel political mysteries— Zodiac Killer Ted? The dodgy corners of history are yours to discover You can’t sleep on the truth. But you can sleep with someone who can’t sleep on the truth. Help save lives.

I lost my boyfriend to cancer ‘conspiracy theories’

American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new phase. If you were an adherent, no one would be able to tell. You would look like any other American. You could be the young man in headphones across the street. You could be a bookkeeper, a dentist, a grandmother icing cupcakes in her kitchen. You may well have an affiliation with an evangelical church.

A psychologist explains how to make difficult choices when the decisions or beliefs of someone in your life feel entirely unconscionable to you.

Jarrod Fidden and for wife founded Awake Dating to help open-minded singles find site other. Truthers are often met with skepticism and negativity by the general public. This makes navigating the social landscape difficult, especially when looking to meet a soul mate. Awake Dating is a place where like-minded truthers can meet others to express their views in a judgment-free zone awake find love.

At least that is how For and his wife felt. However, they knew they had each other to discuss their beliefs, and they knew that made them unique. Awake Dating was born as a platform for discussion, networking, and meeting others who share their interests and view of reality. Jarrod likes to call himself and others who think like him truthers. In an effort to bring levity to the outdated belief that truthers are UFO-obsessed and off their rockers, Jarrod and his wife are bringing a softer, more positive side to the perceptions of being awake.

Awake Dating has several particularly cute YouTube ads that show couples conspiracy tinfoil hats holding hands. In the background, a jingle plays, rattling off many well-known inconvenient truths. Awake Dating is a theorists for people to meet others who share interests that might stray from what society deems as conspiracy norm. Instead dating focusing on your love of sunset walks on the beach, Awake Dating wants to know what you think.

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Hoping to find love before the imminent collapse of humanity, year-old New Yorker Jenny signed up for Awake Dating—a conspiracy theory dating site—after a string of bad dates. Then it might happen and hopefully we can live out the next ten years before the global extinction together. Awake Dating caters exclusively for conspiracy theory-loving singletons, but don’t call them that.

Most prefer to describe themselves as “truthers” or the “awake” because of the negative connotation around tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists in popular culture. Truthers hold a broad spectrum of beliefs.

Conspiratorial videos and websites about COVID are going viral. Here’s how one of the authors of “The Conspiracy Theory Handbook” says.

Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. You might try to ignore it at first: Your aunt’s YouTube videos about how coronavirus is a bioweapon. The former workmate forwarding 5G conspiracy theories on WhatsApp. The pandemic has quickly changed everything — we’re confined to our homes, glued to our screens — and among some families and friends, the virus has also fractured a shared sense of what is fact, what is true.

He doubts how dangerous the disease is, and because he’s in his 70s, she fears for his safety. She won’t let the rabbit holes he goes down derail their relationship, but she longs, during this often dismal and anxious moment, to be on the same page. Conspiracy theories predate the pandemic, and beliefs about disease have long been a battleground.

Perhaps because we occasionally think of health as a collective endeavour. Imagine vaccines, for example, not just in terms of how they affect our individual body, but also in how they affect “the collective body of a community”, as Eula Biss wrote in her book, On Immunity. This means we can be quick to anger when faced with misinformation about infectious disease, suggests Julie Leask, a professor at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health, who has researched anti-vaccination views and how to respond to them.

It can be easy to dismiss coronavirus conspiracy theorists, with their janky YouTube videos and Facebook tirades, but if we want to talk to family and friends who have been persuaded, we must first understand their appeal. Dr Leask describes it as “causal hunger” — the desire to know, where did this illness come from and how can I fight it? Sharing conspiracy theories can also be a way for someone to signal who they are — that they are suspicious of authority, or conservative or progressive — suggests Nick Enfield, who heads the Sydney Initiative for Truth at Sydney University.

And while these theories may be ignored at Christmas dinner, during a pandemic, some families feel pushed to take a stand.

Dating for conspiracy theorists

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Right now, there are networks of passionate and committed people across the world working to subvert some of our deepest-held beliefs and.

Protesters rallying in Arizona against lockdowns held up signs carrying anti-vaccine messages and promoting unproven treatments. In the first few months of , wild conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and the new coronavirus began sprouting online. Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist who has funded efforts to control the virus with treatments, vaccines and technology, had himself created the virus, argued one theory.

He had patented it, said another. The false claims quietly proliferated among groups predisposed to spread the message — people opposed to vaccines, globalization or the privacy infringements enabled by technology. Then one went mainstream. On 19 March, the website Biohackinfo.

There’s an actual dating website just for conspiracy theorists

If you’ve been spending your free time on OK Cupid trying to find an outdoors-y Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach and wants to discuss the intricacies of the government’s plot to carry out false flag attacks, then you’ve been looking in the wrong place this whole time. If Mr. Right is someone who knows that the American government controls its citizens by injecting them with vaccines at birth, then you should definitely check out the “Dating Freedom Lovers Group” website.

Alex Jones—the conspiracy theorist who makes comic book villains look sane and freaked out on Piers Morgan after the Sandy Hook massacre—runs Infowars, your online destination for everything false flag.

A new study examines YouTube’s efforts to limit the spread of conspiracy theories on its site, from videos claiming the end times are near to.

What psychological factors drive the popularity of conspiracy theories , which explain important events as secret plots by powerful and malevolent groups? What are the psychological consequences of adopting these theories? We review the current research and find that it answers the first of these questions more thoroughly than the second. Instead, for many people, conspiracy belief may be more appealing than satisfying.

Further research is needed to determine for whom, and under what conditions, conspiracy theories may satisfy key psychological motives. Over a third of Americans believe that global warming is a hoax Swift, , and over half believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jensen, These are examples of conspiracy theories —explanations for important events that involve secret plots by powerful and malevolent groups e. In recent years, there has been growing interest in the psychological factors that drive the popularity of conspiracy theories, and in this article, we draw together and organize findings from this burgeoning research.

QAnon Destroys Lives. Now It’s Coming for Congress.

In just a month, some 15, users have joined a Reddit community to share their stories of how the QAnon conspiracy is destroying their personal relationships. These users just want them back. The toxic influence of the conspiracy theory is no small matter. Congress this November. Its reach is global. Posters to the subreddit hail from the United Kingdom, Poland, and farther afield.

These users just want them back. The toxic influence of the conspiracy theory is no small matter. A QAnon supporter, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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How to Resist Conspiracy Theories