Antique and Vintage Globes

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You have found a vintage world glove with astrological signs and symbols, zodiac, seasons, and months of the years on a stand in very good vintage condition. This metal lithograph globe is 9. I do not find a markers mark on the metal lithograph childs desk globe. I date. This is a fine 11 inch diameter antique full mount celestial globe and star finder with a copper finished decorated cast iron tripod claw foot base from the s.

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If a manufacturer had the financial resources to print large quantities of map gores, they would have done so in order to achieve the best economy of scale. If a retailer had a dozen globes on his shelves it would have taken much longer to sell off his current inventory and order in newly updated globes than if they only had one or two globes on their shelves.

Some people collect globes because they often show the tracks and routes that explorers took as they learned about our planet. Instructions You can determine an edition date by comparing your globe or map to the listing. Do you collect antique or vintage terrestrial globes? General Information A globe or map publisher will sometimes include a copyright date or Matchmaking services ottawa date near the legend, globe name, or Dating a crams globe information.

If yes, globe was made after Please note that the naming conventions or the actual date a change is made by a publisher can vary. Zaire — independent in Unfortunately, we cannot provide more detailed case by case analysis to private collectors. Congo changes to Zaire. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia – Czechoslovakia divides into Czech Republic and Slovakia – Eritrea was part of Ethiopia but seceded and gained independence – Palau was part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands administered by the United States and gained independence as a former colony.

Globe Collectors’ Blog Please send updates to this list of dates to: Simply find the country’s index number in the listing and then refer to the Region Map to locate the country more easily. Indonesia annexes Portuguese Timor. Iraq independent from Britian.

Early World Globe on Ball & Claw Base

When I found this antique globe, the stand was covered with a metallic silver paint. Apparently the person who did the paint job figured they had paid for a whole can of paint and were going to get their moneys worth by using the entire can. Using several coats of paint stripper, I got down to the base and discovered the cast iron base had originally been copper plated and had a subtle dark copper patina.

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This item is sold. It has been placed here in our online archives as a service for researchers and collectors. The terrestrial globe with metal polar hour circle, canted on an iron arm, raised on a turned round mahogany base. Manchoukuo is shown indicating a date of to The terrestrial globe having twelve color-printed gores, the equatorial graduated in degrees and hours, the equinoctial colure graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac, the meridian of Greenwich ungraduated, a note referring to numbers by the lines of latitude Length of a degree of longitude, shown at each 10 degrees of latitude on meridian 30 w.

For more information about The George F. Cram Co. George F. Cram Inch Terrestrial Globe c. Please inquire as to the availability of similar items currently in stock, or use the navigation bar above to browse our site for currently available items.

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Although mapmaking dates to the late s, globes were not produced in significant Vintage Crams Imerpial World Globe With Wooden Fooded Stand. $

The first step is to know the manufacturer and the time the manufacturer was in operation. This will help narrow down the age of your globe by several centuries. See our list of globe makers to find yours. Below is a listing of important discoveries and political names or border changes that are noted on most globes. This will help determine the age of your model. Please keep in mind that dating globes is not a perfect science as many globes, especially up to the early 20th century displayed borders based on information provided by explorers, military and other political or commercial influences.

You may find models made in the same era but in different countries not showing exactly the same information on their maps. Quick checks to determine the approximate era of a Globe to follow up with a more detailed search:. Petersburg, Russia was renamed Petrograd from Then, it was Leningrad from to

Dating Crams Globes

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If you’re looking for a well-built, solid globe with character (search for old globes with countries since renamed), check out thrift stores, garage.

Do you have an old globe that has been around in the family for decades, or found an antique-looking orb in a flea market and want to assess its age and authenticity? If you are lucky, you just may be looking at a centuries-old globe. Knowing a globes age is one of the first things you should do to find out its value. This will help you determine whether a globe is worth keeping as a family heirloom, or perhaps auctioning off to collectors.

The first step to determining a globes age is to know its manufacturer and the time when the manufacturer was in operation. Getting this information down pat will allow you to narrow down your globes age by centuries. Ultimate Globes has provided a chart to help determine the age of your globe. In it, you will find a list of major historical discoveries, political names, and border changes that occurred over the centuries.

This information has been sourced from globe manufacturers like Replogle, combined with the databases of museums and national libraries all over the world. NOTE : If you are unable to see the chart below, please view from a desktop computer. Customer Feedback. It was well packed and arrived in perfect condition, exactly as I expected. I would gladly order again. Your Globes Age Determining the Age of your Globe Do you have an old globe that has been around in the family for decades, or found an antique-looking orb in a flea market and want to assess its age and authenticity?

Cram’s 16 inch physical-political terrestrial globe.

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Published by Geo. Proprietor of the Western Map Depot. Chicago Ills. Author: Cram Atlas Company. Date: Read more about the Collection. Short Title: New Mexico. Type: Atlas Map. Object Height cm:

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You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. Antique globes have something mystical: they can remind us of ancient times when great parts of the world were yet to be discovered.

Crams Outer Space and World Globe Handbook with Questions and Answer Quiz. Cram, George F. Used. Softcover. Quantity Available: 1.

Globes are not as common as they once were. They were a staple item in the classroom, library and even in bedrooms. Software and websites have since replaced the need to have a physical globe. Even so, they can hold some sentimental value to someone. After you bring your globe home, evaluate its condition. Are there any faded or rubbed off sections of the map? Are there any scratches on the pedestal? For example, you can paint the pedestal or stand a bright, vibrant color. Depending on where you purchased or acquired the globe, there may be a nice collection of dust, cobwebs or other dinginess.

To paint the stand, pedestal or any other metal pieces, wrap the globe in a newspaper to protect it from any overspray or dripped paint. Try to wrap the paper around tightly and tape the paper to paper. After the globe is fully covered, paint the globe in your choice of color. These usually come in a spray can.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We are the exclusive importer of the German made Columbus globes in America. These stunning models are world famous for their hand crafted construction and impeccable design. Columbus has been hand making globes for over years, and the company is still owned by the original Oestergaard family, which founded the company over a century ago.

All Columbus world globes are manufactured in Germany and many of them are hand-crafted by trained artisans. They remain the only company on earth that still uses traditional glassblowing techniques to make exquisite glass globes. The meticulous attention to detail and forward thinking design means that these artistic world globes are built to last a lifetime to come. When you buy Columbus globes, you are buying quality. The Columbus brand is the absolute top of the line in the globe industry.

These beauties strike a remarkable balance between traditional artisan manufacturing and innovative engineering. Columbus, for example, was the first to invent maps that transform with light, and remain at the cutting edge of the industry to this day. Enjoy free shipping on all orders inside the continental United States. From our Mini globes all the way up to our Magnum globes, we offer a diverse range of items and price points to suit your specific needs.

How to Refurbish a Vintage Globe

Published by The George F. Cram Company, Inc. From: gigabooks Spokane, WA, U. Seller Rating:. About this Item: The George F.

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